Happy Friendship Day “Friend”

“Friend”, who introduced the word to us? When do we learn the meaning of this word? How do we know “the one” is our friend? When do we start to address them as a friend? Do we know the real meaning of friendship? How long it stays with us? Do we still bother about the one we used to call as a “friend”?

How long a friend can stay as a friend? How long the friendship stays as friendship before it’s disappear and fade away leaving no traces.

I’m sure we have come across a lot of people in our life. Only 10% out of them become our friend. Yet, we only allowed few of them to come close to us.

Now my question is, how long does the friendship last longer?

Remember, friendship is like a tree. You need to take care and nurture it with water and fertilizer to keep it healthy and grow. If you have stopped nurturing, it will die eventually before you realised it.

NOW, ASK YOURSELF. How many of you are taking that concise care to nurture your friendship? Does it make it to your priority list? If it is not, I tell you what, there is no point of having this friendship because it will die anyway. Not now, but one day before you realise it, it will be gone far away and you can’t even trace any memory of it.

SO, if you are gifted with few good friends, learn to appreciate them. Make time to nurture your friendship so that you can always sail in the FRIEND-ship while living your very own life.

Trust me; this is only possible if they are in your priority list. I know mine; I’m working hard to be in priority list. If I can’t make it, I know I died trying.

#HappyFriendshipDay My Friends

tatta, (Bubbye)


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My Eight Years Journey Come to An END

It’s my last day. My eight years journey has ended officially. My second home is no longer belongs to me.

That is how I felt on my last day at my ex-company on 8 February 2017. This Company had guided and protected me for past eight years. It had seen me laughing, arguing, shouting, crying and grieving. It had seen the worse of me.

This Company had protected me at all times and refused to let me go. It taught me to be bold and brave. It gave me an angle to cling unto to develop my career. It formed me to who I am today.

I could not imagine where I would have end up, if she failed to hold me tight on my stuff times.

I have met all kind of people here. Luckily, I managed to find few close friends that I can always count on. To celebrate our friendship, SunRaj & Nasi Lemak Bumbung had officially become our “spot” to hang around.

On my farewell, this young Malay lady told me that she wanted to be like me. These words made me to believe that I have done some right things in my eight years journey. It is a wonderful feeling to get to know that I have inspired someone.

These few of my colleagues were so inspiring on their own way. I have no heart to leave them behind. To get rid of this guilty feeling, I bought some token of appreciation to all of them on my last day.

In return, they had a farewell party for me. They made me to give speech which I rarely do. I could not hold my tears and I don’t know why.

They made me shock with their feedbacks on me. They perceive me as “garang” fierce, rowdy, rough, scary and Durian.

Yes, you heard it right, “Durian” which means “hard outside, soft inside”.

I kept telling myself “These are bunch of kids and they are kidding me”.

The best part is the gifts. I got best gift ever.

PIANO –My heart jumped out when I saw it on my table on early morning.

Water Resistant Pens –Do they steal my wish list?

Faber Castle 8 PITT Artist Pens – This is damn invaluable.

Bluetooth Earphone – Damn, how do they know I hate wires?

Ferraro Roche – I love you guys. I really do.

A Vinayaga Statue – A pack of blessings.

Thank you so much guys. You made my day.

P.s I wore my favourite turtle neck “POne” t-shirt on my last day as a sign of appreciation. I am hired for “Pone” and I left as “Pone”. You will stay forever in my heart “Pone”

I chose to share snaps that best reflect the emotions we had on that day.

Tatta, (Bubbye)




What Will Happen When You Break Your Comfort Zone


The friends I made for years  (This is just a part of them)


The screen and keyboard which will no longer will be mine

Comfort zone gives you stress free life and security; but would it give you the career growth which you needed the most? It is seems like every one of us know the answer for this question but we are not dare enough to say it.

It took eight years for me to be daring enough to answer the question and move on.

I worked in the same company for eight years which made me who I am today. It gave me the real working life exposure. For past six years, I work hard to break my comfort zone. Somehow, it is didn’t seems to be easy. It is hard decision especially when you have been respected for your performance and you are well versed with day-to-day operation.

Finally, I got the calling on last year December when I was head-hunted by my ex-boss.  (P.S It is always good to perform your best at all time. You will never know when you will be paid for it)

My first day is filled with warm welcome. I had my own buddy and luncheon was pre-planned for the first five days.  Thanks to my boss for being so concern about me. My buddy toured me from department-to-department. He was introducing me to important people in the company  but all I can saw are walls, rooms, doors, cupboards, papers, elevators, money plants and an aquariums. Two important words popped into my mind “phobia” and “allergic”. I’m phobia of walls and allergic of papers. How am I going to survive here?

I felt like I have been set into a prison, isolated into a room that surrounded by walls. I felt so lonely with no connection. I kept complaining. Thank God, my colleague entertained me.

The second week, I got to know of office politics, my roles and responsibilities and the challenges of my role. My boss has high expectation on me. I have been put into situation where I can’t say no and required to proof my capability. I need to learn a lot, learn it fast. I never thought I need more skill then I thought to excel in this job. My boss has high trust one me. It’s pressuring me to be better. I don’t know what I’m gonna do but I definitely need to proof myself.

Somehow I survived unto second week. This time I got to know of my roles and responsibilities. It is seems like I need to unlearn everything I knew and pick new challenging tasks. My boss set high expectation on me. I have been forced to proof my capability. I list down all required skills for me to be successor in my new role. Trust me, it is a long list. (Jaw dropped) This is going to be a real challenge.

Time flies, It is my third week here. The walls and papers are no longer bothering me. I’m excited with the unlimited access of amazing facilities provided by their social club. With only MYR6, I can have access to their well equipped gymnasium, dance floor, snooker pool, playroom, jamming lounge yoga and zumba classes. The best part is they owned an exhibition hall, art library and restaurant.  The Chairman is diehard a fan of Chinese art and Japanese food. So, he had his own art centre and Japanese restaurant named “Xenri” and “LePont” with 25% and 10% discount given to staffs respectively.

So the next time you want to meet me, well, you know where to find me. (BIG smile)

Tatta, (Bubbye)