This is More than Gender Discrimination

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“Oh, it is a woman driver”.

Wait, what does that means?  Why women are stamped as poor driver? How the driving skill associates with gender? Are you saying we do not have worse man driver? How such perception is formulated?

Let’s put aside the gender discrimination. This is more than that. Are you brainless or you do not own one?

One shouldn’t be addressed as incompetence just because she follows the common traffic rules. There is nothing wrong in putting an indicator while changing lane even though the road is clear.

There is nothing wrong in driving slow if she can’t find any reason to add pressure to that poor accelerator. The difference from pressing and not pressing the accelerator is not the skill but the need for it.

The misbehaved on the road linked to their own attitude. This is nothing to do with their gender.

I have seen man rushing for no reason. I have also witnessed man honking to elderly couple for taking their time to cross the road. This is personality. This is an attitude.

Skills are genderless. We have men chef, we have lady pilot. One should be shallow minded to discriminate this based on gender.



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Note: The opinion is purely mine.

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Happy #InternationalWomensDay2017

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(28 March 2017) “International Womens Day”, what a wonderful day to celebrate.  Sadly, for past three years I can only relate this date to #MH370 & #MH17. Since then, I have dedicated this day to the 297 lost souls and refused to celebrate it. I am still to be able to recall what exactly I was doing when the Boeing is missing from radar.

Note:  The three years of search mission of #MH370 is officially stopped this month. No one knows what happened to that beautiful Boeing and 297 souls she carried within.

By the way, let’s come back to the story. This year I found a very good reason to celebrate this day. Thanks to this Mr M.

On this day, I got a Facebook friend request from this Mr M who is happen to be my ex-CEO of the company. Ok, let me said it again, he is ex-CEO. Yes man, you heard it right. He is a powerful guy who is intellectual to be humble and smart. (I know you are so excited to know who this Mr M, well keep reading…)

Frankly, it takes a lot of respect for someone like him to send a friend request to nobody like me. Immediately, I approved the request and drop him a message to tell him how humble and honoured I am to get a friend request from him.

To my surprise, he responded my message instantly. We shared a few texted messages. He addressed me by my name. I am so amazed to get to know he still remembers me. It is been long years. (FYI, I am using nickname in Facebook )

To describe my joy, I was flying high and screaming loud in silent. I am nobody for him to remember my name, to send a friend request and to even chat. I must have done something good to get paid in this manner. I humbly took this as a compliment.

I do still remember. Long ago, one of my working colleague blogged about the auto birthday message she got from him. Come on, it is an auto message setup into system to send e-birthday message to all company staff with his signature. I was like “what is so great about it to be happily blog about it”? Stop faking for God’s sake.

I evoke an old happening. One of my ex- working colleagues got an e-birthday wishes which is preset by him. (Btw,it could be his PA). She gets so excited until she bragged about it in her blog.  I was like, “come on, you and me know the truth behind it”. I was just recalling. That’s it.

Anyway, I am deeply, truly honoured and humble for this. Thank you Mr M. I would like to be as humble as you are.

I can sleep well tonight.

*Mr M is the most desirable guy Mr Micheal Lai, ex-CEO of P1.

Happy #InternationWomensDay2017 everyone.

Tatta (Bubbye),